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Davenport Snack Program

We are now active again

preparing snacks for the children!


During the past eight years, several dedicated volunteers from St. Paul’s and the community have prepared and served breakfast daily to numerous (25-55) students at Davenport Public School from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and they have established good relations with the students. Each day brings a steady group of children seeking breakfast and/or companionship.

At this time volunteers are not allowed in the school to prepare the food, so we are preparing the snacks in our Church kitchen on mornings that our volunteers are available. Beth Phoenix ensures food supplies are available for the volunteers who prepare the snacks



We also thank Share ‘N Care for their continued support with funds for any equipment and/or supplies they provide for this ministry program.


Currently on hold due to Covid Restrictions


The ladies of Share ‘n Care meet monthly and enjoy various activities and community service. Filling bags of Christmas goodies for teens, providing tuck shop at the local nursing home, Tuesday outreach lunches, bowling, movie nights and of course – they make pies. Their time in the kitchen together, although busy, is filled with fun and fellowship.


We are always ready to welcome a new face so please consider joining us at a next meeting,

or come join us to volunteer during our Tuesday Lunches.


Contact the St. Paul's office at 519-773-7152

or Nancy Wiltsie at nancywiltsie@gmail.com 

for any questions or for more information.

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St. Paul’s milk bag ministry began in 2009. In the beginning we were crocheting the mats but thought there must be another way to make a more comfortable mat in a shorter period of time that didn’t require any special talent.  We discovered that there was a better way – weaving mats, but that required special frames.  Thanks to some talented husbands in the group we now have 5 wooden frames that are in constant use.

Our frames require a minimum of 350 milk bags to make one mat.  Through the years we have made and delivered over 650 mats that are used by school children in Third World countries.

We welcome new members to our group that meets upstairs in the CE Building from 9-11 on Thursday mornings. We are a very social group so come join us, have fun, learn something new and in a small way, contribute to a better life for a child in a Third World country.

Please save your milk bags (collect from your friends, neighbours and family as well) so that we can keep this ministry going.