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Giving Methods:

We appreciate your support! There are several ways to financially support the mission we are doing together as Christ's Church.

  1. PAR - Pre-Authorized Remittance (Recommended) You can fill out this PAR Authorization Form  and return it to Heather Johnson, our Treasurer, to set up a monthly automatic withdrawal from your bank account. The amount you choose will be withdrawn on the 20th of each month and your PAR Gift can be modified or cancelled at any time.
  2. Interac - E-transfer The Treasurer's email,, is also the address for sending gifts from your bank account through your online banking portal. Please ensure that you include your name and postal address in the memo field so we can provide a tax receipt for your gift at year end.
  3. PayPal donations by debit or credit cards can be done to our PayPal Account. Start by clicking on the button below.


For the Number crunchers:

Each method of making online donations is secure and convenient,  yet can differ in cost, 

PayPal - Whether credit or debit the fee is 1.6%+ $0.30. This is the most costly method. The payment portal gives you a choice to increase your gift to cover the fees if you wish.

PAR - Each transaction (monthly transfer) costs $.50 regardless of the amount. This is very cost effective for monthly gifts.

Interac E-transfer - Your bank may charge fees to your account for E-Transfers, but at this time St Paul's Church is not charged anything by our bank.

Example A family with a $60,000 income that chooses to tithe would be giving ($6,000/12=) $500.00 monthly. In the course of a year the fees would be: 

MethodMonthly FeeAnnual cost

Paypal (1.6% + 0.30)

PAR (0.50)$0.50$6.00
Interac E-Transfer

Cost to St. Pauls - $0

Cost to You - check with your Bank

St. Pauls -  $0.00