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Monday Evening Abide 1 Discovery Group 
TeleCare 1 (Bonnie Barons) 
Telecare 2 (Carole Flatley) 
Telecare 3 (Lynn Langfordr) 
Telecare 4 (Kate Kent) 
Telecare 5 (Linda Baldwin) 
Telecare 6 (Rita Ward) 
Telecare 7 (Roberta Wilson) 
Thursday Abide in Christ 1 (Feb 2024) 
Thursday Grow Character 1 (am/pm) (feb 2024) 
Thursday Grow Character 1 Evening schedule (Feb 2024) 
Tuesday Lead Well Discovery Group 
Wednesday The Chosen Watch PartyThis year we will be watching through The Chosen from Season 1 on. This group started meeting April 3rd, 2024.